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Hello everyone!

Thank you for your keen interest in the 7th International Graduate Students and Scholar’ Conference in Indonesia entitled “Knowledge, Power and Politics” Where is Humanity Heading to?” We appreciate your abstract submission for the upcoming conference. We received almost 100 abstracts, and are now ready to announce the results of the abstract review. Please kindly find your name and abstract title in the attachment below. We look forward to your paper submission, and hope to personally meet you all during the conference. Thank you!

Organizing Committee

No Nama Email Judul
1 Abdul Mujib abdulmujib@mail.ugm.ac.id The Existence Of Proselytization In Indonesia
2 Adesty Lasally, Djoko Wijono, Chafid Fandeli adesty.lasally@gmail.com The Quality of Cultural and Natural Attraction in Tanjung Setia and Pisang Island, Pesisir Barat District, Lampung Province
3 Agung Setiyawan agungsetiyawan871@gmail.com Integrating the Value of Character Education in Arabic Language
4 Agus Sukirno agussukirno04@gmail.com Collaboration of Modern Counseling Techniques and Local Wisdom-Based Ones: A Case Study in a Pesantren in Serang Regency
5 Agustina Multi Purnomo agustinamulti@yahoo.com Women Activity in Tourism in Karimunjawa : An Ecological Approach
6 Agustinus Pat Madyana apatmady@gmail.com Interfaith Dialog and Pluralism Movement: in Search of the Model. A case study of Jogjakarta Interfaith Forum (FPUB)
7 Ahmad Norma Permata an.permata@uin-suka.ac.id Ibnu Sina’s Doctrin of Prophetic Legislation and a Political Science’s Definition of Religion
8 Amalia Fajriyanti, Piala Ameldam Simanjuntak, Vera Arida aridavera@gmail.com Assessment Of Wind Energy Potential At Cipatujah, Tasikmalaya, West Java
9 Amalia Nurma Dewi, Bent Sørensen amalianurmadewi@gmail.com The Violation by KPU of the Public Information Disclosure Act Concerning the Blind Citizens in the Presidential Elections 2014
10 anastasia anindita anastasia_anindita@yahoo.com Liberalism In The God-Power Politic In America. Case Study of Gay Marriage Legalization in America in 2015
11 Anastasia Neni Candra Purnamasari anastasia.neni@gmail.com Geophysic Methods Application For Volume Assessment And Sediment Materials Characterization From The 2014 Kelud Volcano Eruption At The Upstream Of Bladak River
12 Anggaunita Kiranantika anggaunita@gmail.com Awakening Through Career Woman: Social Capital For Javanese Migrant Worker On Southeast Asia
13 Anjarie Dharmastuti, Pratiwi Nurhabibi wie.noe.habib@gmail.com Effectiveness Of Educational Game To Improve The Knowledge Of Global Warming As Mitigation Effort For Elementary School Students In Yogyakarta
14 Anugrah Adiastuti diaz.fhuns@yahoo.com Indonesian Law on Energy and its Impact to Climate Change: Is it in line with “The Common Heritage of Mankind Principle”?
15 Arulampalam Stephen arulampalamstephen@gmail.com The Process of Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction towards the Reign of God
16 Asis Wahyudi asis.wahyudi@yahoo.com Community Preparedness Level On Tsunami Disaster In Sidoasri Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, Indonesia
17 Azis Anwar Fachrodin aafachrudin@gmail.com Religionizing Indonesia’s Indigenous Beliefs
18 Baiturrahmaha , Ariya D. Astikab , F. Maftukhakh Hilmya Nadac , Wahyu Sigit baiturrahmah.1988@gmail.com Environmental Degradation Monitoring with Dragonflies as Bio-indicators Through Spatial Mapping Approach in Kalongan River, Banyuwangi.
20 Balawyn dan Syahrial b.jones8@uq.edu.au Barriers To Community Uptake Of Tsunami Vertical Pedestrian Evacuation Procedures In Aceh
20 Bambang Kuncoro risununsoed@yahoo.com Model of Villagers Food Security Based on Local Wisdom
21 Benigno Balgos ninoybalgos@gmail.com Social Memory on Flooding of Angat-Riverfront Dwellers: Implications for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Policy in Angat River Basin and Watershed Region, Philippines
22 Darmanto dardardarmanto@gmail.com Coordination in the Management of Protected Forest in Wonosobo Regency, Central Java
23 Dewi Cahya Ambarwati dewica@ugm.ac.id The Challenges of Individual Political Practices towards Cultural and Religious Security in Javanese Dance Performance
24 Dini Atikawati, Andreas R.P. Lakafin dini_atikawati@yahoo.co.id Sustainable Coastal Management. Case Study of Kuwaru Coast, Bantul, Yogyakarta. For Handling Abrasion
25 Eka Sulistiyowati ekasulis@gmail.com Our Ethics To Our Water: Perspectives Of Local Knowledge To Water And Its Management
26 Emmilia Rusdiana emmiliarusdiana@gmail.com Fulfillment Of The Development Of The Law Needs In The Community Concerning The Corporation's Responsibility
27 Fazlul Rahman Fazlulrahman85@gmail.com Digital Media Literacy For The Better Santri: Reconsidering the Power of Internet for the Students of Traditional Pesantren
28 Francy Iriani francyiriani@yahoo.com Leadership Factors Influencing The Success Of The National Champion Posdaya.
29 Fredy Torang W M fredy.torang@mail.ugm.ac.id Faith-Based Organization in Humanitarian Diplomacy: Study of Jesuit Refugee Service in Yogyakarta
30 Gregory Vanderbilt gvanderbilt@gmail Religion and Memory in a Time of Danger: The Atomic Bombs in the Age of Fukushima
31 Haikal Jadid haikaljadid@gmail.com Resilience And Prosocial Attitude In Developing Character Of Social Studies Educationstudents
32 Halvina Grasela Saiya, Daniel Refly Katoppo anaselia151087@gmail.com Waste Management Of Shrimp Farms As Starting Point To Develop Integrated Farming Systems. Case Study: Kuwaru Coast, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
33 Harifuddin Halim, Rasyidah Zainuddin Athena_lord73@yahoo.com Transcendetal-Theosophy Perspective Of Environmental-Degradation
34 Hary Widyantoro haryx10@gmail.com Rethinking the Waria Discourse: The Collaboration between Nahdlatul Ulama Islamic University Activists and Transgender Santri
35 Heri Setyawa hherisetya@gmail.com Discourse of Science and Islamic Values in the Educational Services of the Hizmet Movement
36 Hidayatul Wahidah hidayatulwahidah@gmail.com -
37 Irene Luji irene.luji@staff.uksw.edu Responsible Leadership: Lesson From Thomas Merton
38 Irza Meliana irzameliana@gmail.com Tattoo and Religion: Tattooed Christian as Negotiating within Everyday Modern Context
40 Junaidi drjunaidi@yahoo.com Barack Obama and Joko Widodo: A Semiotic Analysis of the Inaugural Speech
41 Kadek Eva Krishna Adnyani eva.undiksha@gmail.com The Power of Media : Shaping Japanese Women’s Linguistic Behaviour
42 Khairu Roojiqien Sobandi, Oktafiani Catur Pratiwi khairu.sobandi@gmail.com Youth Political Engagement and New Media in Post Reform Era: A Case in Purwokerto, Central Java
43 Krisna Mutiara Wati krisna0290@gmail.com The Economic Resilience of Street Vendor in Malioboro (after Kelud Eruption February 13 2015)
44 Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras leonard.epafras@mail.ugm.ac.id Discourse of Interfaith Conflict Prevention and the Indonesian Interfaith Weather Station
45 Leong Kar Yen karyen.leong@gmail.com Kesalahan dan Kebebasan or Guilt and Freedom: On the Banality of Evil and Silence in Indonesia
46 Luhung Achmad Perguna luhung_ap@yahoo.com “Pondok Sepuh” : Public Space for Elderly
47 Meita Istianda meita@ut.ac.id Indonesian National Integration in the middle of Information Technology Advancement, Globalization, and Democratization
48 Michael Gatchalian mgatchalian35@yahoo.com The issues of “globalization” have triggered controversies for more than three decades
49 Mirza Fathima ima.kamalia@yahoo.com
50 Mite Setiansah mite.setiansah@yahoo.com Urban Women: Engaged With Smartphone, Separated From Society?
51 Mohammad Fathi Royyani fathi.royyani@gmail.com Biosphere Reserve: Status Change, Social Relation, and Man-Nature Relation in Climate Change issue
52 Muhammad Afdillah m.afdillah@uinsby.ac.id Regulating Ahmadiya in Indonesia: a Case Study of East Java Governor’s Decree 2011
53 Muhammad Dudi Hari Saputra dudisaputra@gmail.com Democracy and Discontent (Case Study: Indonesia)
54 Muhammad, Ayu Wahyu Ningtyas drmuhammad@ugm.ac.id Characteristics Of Marine Tourist (Marine Ecotourism) Disaster Risk Reduction For Coastal In The National Park Karimunjawa (TNKJ)
55 Naili Ni’matul Illiyyun neil.elyon@gmail.com The Dynamic of Minority Group’s Life in Indonesia: The Experience of Sapta Darma’s Adherents in Social and Political Spheres.
56 Novita Dwi Wulandari novita.dw89@gmail.com Religion and State Collaboration In The Sharia Tourism. (The Study of Political Economy Wisata Syariah: Karakter, Potensi, Prospek, dan tantangannya Textbook)
57 Nur Widiyanto beningbanyubiru@gmail.com How Tourism Explains the Future of Local Ecology. A Case Study at KasepuhanBantenKidul Community Living in Halimun-Salak National Park West Java.
58 Nuruddin Al Akbar nuruddin.alakbar@gmail.com Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)+: Other Name of [Capitalist] Illusion
59 Nurwinda Latifah Hanum windageougm@gmail.com Participatory Geographical Information System (GIS) for Mangrove Tourism Development in Tirtohargo, Kretek, Bantul
60 Nyong Eka Teguh Iman Santosa peziarah@umsida.ac.id Saving The World From The End A Spirituality Of The Islamic Eschatology Of Hope
61 Qusthan Firdaus qusthan@abqary.net Should Jokowi Be The Prince?
62 Rachmad Kristiono Dwi Susilo rachmadsosiologiumm74@gmail.com The Movement of Salvaging the Environment and the Dilemma of Local Democracy. Case in Batu Town, East Java
63 Rachmanto rachmantonew@gmail.com Media, Religion, and Identity politics on 2014 General Election
64 Raymond Fatubun rayf_ever@yahoo.com Shadows Of The Accomplices Of Lucifer As Seen In Dan Brown’s Thriller Angels And Demons
65 renta vulkanita, Lilik Slamet Raharsono voelca@gmail.com Documentary Television As Art Culture Media Promotion Through The Local Television
66 Reza Prima Yanti reza.pyanti@yahoo.com Climate Change Diplomacy and the Pacific Islands Region
67 Rika Harini, Suprapto Debyosaputro, Rathna Wijayanti, Rina Dwi Ariani harini_rika@yahoo.co.id Optimization Model Food Security On Volcanic Slopes of Merapi Based Environment
68 Rudi Umar Susanto rumar49@yahoo.com Media As A Means Of Public Perception Modifier
69 Sadari Ahmad suff_asect@yahoo.com Study Of Theory And Praxis Of Electing The Leaders In Indonesia
70 Saefur Rochmat rochmat@yahoo.com Knowledge, Power and the Problem of Democracy in Indonesia at Post-Soeharto Era Abdurrahman Wahid and the Socio-Cultural Approach to the Knowledge
71 Sahrolia Latip-Yusoph sorlatipyusoph@gmail.com Power of New Media in Community and Political Engagement in the Bangsamoro, Philippines
72 Siti Nur Hidayah enh_hidayah@yahoo.com Toward Inovative Organizational Management of Higher Education to Face the Learning Organization: Change
73 Stephanie Theng stephanietheng@gmail.com Mythological Archetypes of Power and the Indonesian Project
74 Subandri Simbolon subandri.simbolon@mail.ugm.ac.id Toba Lake Road to Geopark: Problems on Tourism and Ecology
75 Sudarmadji dan Sri Lestari sudarmadji@ugm.ac.id Impacts Of Agricultural Practices On The Sustainability Of Volcanic Lakes In Dieng Plateau, Central Java
76 Sukamto, I Nyoman Ruja sukamto.fis@um.ac.id Initiating And Formulating Humanitarian Values, Spirituality And The Meaning Of Life In The Curriculum Of Social Studies Education
77 Sukri Tamma sukripolitik@gmail.com Democracy And The Indigenous People In Indonesia. An Analyze of the Toraja Ethnic Group
78 Suparlan 1 parlan.jogja@gmail.com Water And Social Welfare
79 Suparlan 2 parlan.jogja@gmail.com Food Sovereignty And Social Welfare
80 Suribidari Samad iman.djalius@gmail.com Comparing The Off-Farm Activities Of Minangkabau People And Kelantanese: The Characteristics Of Entrepreneurship
81 Syampadzi Nurroh syampadzy@gmail.com Environmental Management Of Recharge Area. Case Study: Existing impact of Artificial Recharge in Ciesek Sub-Watershed, Ciliwung Watershed, Bogor Regency, West Java Province
82 Tri Riki Meinal MM.Par tririki@bhi.ac.id SOHOS (Socialized Hospitality Society) The New Indicator When Human Ecology Threat By Tourism Industry
83 Triana Ahdiati, Khairu R. Sobandi & Solahuddin Kusumanegara triana.ahdiati@gmail.com The Asymmetrical Community­Based Ecotourism Development as a Pathway for Disaster Risk Reduction in Segara Anakan Lagoon, Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia
84 Vera Arida, Danang Sri Hadmoko, Seftiawan Samsu Rijal, Mertiara Ratih T.L. aridavera@gmail.com Lahar Impact To The Landuse Along Konto River After Kelud Eruption 2014
85 Vina Adriany vina@upi.edu Gendered Power Relations in Child_centred Discourse
86 Yani Osmawati yani.osmawati@gmail.com Fanfiction: The Fiction by Fandom
87 Yanwar Pribadi yanwarpribadi@bantenologi.org State-Society Relations in New Order Indonesia: The Case of Madura
88 Yulianingsih Riswan yuliariswan@ugm.ac.id Balim People’s Resilience to the Excesses of Capitalism
89 Yusmarni Darius iman.djalius@gmail.com Minangkabau Connection And The Malay Nationalist Movement Yusmarni Djalius
90 Yuyun Sri Wahyuni yu2nsriwahyuni@yahoo.com> Mansur Fakih on Neoliberalism, Globalization dan Gender Analysis
91 Zaki Faddad faddadz@gmail.com Tracing The Concept Of Political Leadership Of Islam Nusantara