Accepted Abstract Announcement

No Full Name Title of Paper Information
1 Adli Media Baru dan Transformasi Kultural Masyarakat Pedesaan Accepted but subject to revision
2 Alanuari The Islamizing Public in the Halal Certification; Between Religious Authority and Market for Goods Unconditionally Accepted
3 Ani Dwi Wimatsari, Sunarru Samsi Hariadi Behavior of Village Youth In Organic Salak Agribusiness In Sleman Regency Conditionally Accepted
4 Aqida Nuril Salma Digital Literacy and the Rise of Hate Spin Politics in Indonesia Unconditionally Accepted
5 Ari Alfiatul Rochamah Islamism and The Emergence of Islamic Populism: The Role of Dakwah Media in Mass Mobilization on “Bela Islam” Action (Case Studies of Radio Dakwah Syariah (RDS FM) Solo Unconditionally Accepted
6 Ari Sulistyo Poster as an Effective Medium to Increase Student’s Road Safety Awareness Accepted but subject to revision
7 Armaidy Armawi, Darto Wahidin Optimization of Internet Role in Realize Digital Citizenship and Implications on Student Personal Resilience (Study in Semarang City) Unconditionally Accepted
8 Arso Danardono, Andre Rahmanto Strategies of Diskominfo SP to Obtain Support to Create Website Based Online System for Kelurahan Accepted but subject to revision
9 Atwar Cultural Practices Intermediaries in Yogyakarta Unconditionally Accepted
10 Christen Stephanie Apriliani Streaming Behavior and Consumption Practice of New Media
Among Urban Societies
Unconditionally Accepted
11 Dessy Kania The Curse of the Millennial Pink – Case Study on Gender Stereotype in the Digital World Unconditionally Accepted
12 Detta Rahmawan, Jimi N Mahameruaji, Renata Anisa Exploring the Potential of Contemporary Youth Activism in Indonesia:
Case Study of Perkumpulan Pamflet Generasi
Unconditionally Accepted
13 Devi Nirmala Muthia Sayekti The Presence of Bridesmaid in A Wedding Fantasy Unconditionally Accepted
14 Dewi Saktianingrum How does Whatsapp Change Communications in Government Organizations in Indonesia?
(Study at The Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia Representative Office in Yogyakarta)
Unconditionally Accepted
15 Diah Fitria Widhiningsih, S.P., M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Ir. Sunarru Samsi Hariadi, M.S. Young Farmers’ Cooperation Behavior and The Use of
Social Media in Developing Their Agribusiness
Unconditionally Accepted
16 Dian Adi Marianto The Possibility of Non Litigation Advocacy through Comedy: An Analysis of Indonesian Comican Sakdiyah Ma’ruf Conditionally Accepted
17 Dian Hana Saraswati Study of Groundwater Hydrogeochemical
as a Basic Of Clean Water Management to Support
Development Policy in Rawa Jombor Area
Bayat Sub Dictrict Klaten Regency
Conditionally Accepted
18 Dina, Billy, Irwan The Framing of Gay Candidate for Human Right Commissionaire in the Islamics’ Indonesia Online Newspapers) Unconditionally Accepted
19 Dr. Ahmad Zubaidi, M.Si., Moh. Wildan Jauhary, S.H., and Lia Lestari, S.Pd. The Role of Digital Media in Developing Political Participation
(The Study of Digital Media in Yogyakarta)
Accepted but subject to revision
20 Dyah.S.Pradnya.P, ST,MT Miniature Mimesis Heritage as a New Visual Communication Media of Architecture Unconditionally Accepted
21 Faris Budiman Annas The Hastag War : Public Opinion of Political Polarization in Social Media Unconditionally Accepted
22 Fauzan Aziz JKT48 Male Fans Tweeting Practice as a Masculine Simulated Space Unconditionally Accepted
23 Gisela Ayu Hestuning Yustiwi Prosumption of Discourse ff ‘Beautiful Policewomen’ by Netizens in Liputan6 and Tribunnews Online News Portal Unconditionally Accepted
24 Gloria Natalia Dolorosa Distinguishing Maternity Shoot on Instagram: Capital, Class, Field Unconditionally Accepted
25 Helen Diana Vida Instagram as The Identity Workshop For The Female Traveler Accepted but subject to revision
26 Husni Mubarok Social Media and the Future of Interreligious Relationship: A Lesson from Jakarta’ Election in 2017 Unconditionally Accepted
27 Ifan D Indonesian Labor Education Toward Industry Revolution 4.0 Unconditionally Accepted
28 Juliana Kurniawati Selfie Objectification : Representation Hijabed Women in Instagram Unconditionally Accepted
29 Kadhung Prayoga The Paradox of Farming Choice by Village Youths in The Middle of Urbanization Trend Conditionally Accepted
30 Kencana Ariestyani Pattern of Truth: Explaining Trust, Social Media and Truth in Indonesia Contemporary Politics Unconditionally Accepted
31 Khaerudin Imawan, Tribuana Sari Digitalization And Transformation Of Tarling In The Network Community Age Unconditionally Accepted
32 Laksita Wening, SIP., Andre Rahmanto, Dr., M.Si. Digital Storytelling in Building Emotional Literacy and Social Skills in Early Childhood (Qualitative Analysis at RA Bustanul Athfal At Taqwa in Wonogiri District, Indonesia) Unconditionally Accepted
33 Lucky Julian Relationship of Transformational Leadership Style and Self-Efficacy With Employees Job Satisfaction Conditionally Accepted
34 Maman Surohman Identifikasi Peluang Peningkatan Kinerja Dosen dalam Proses Pembelajaran Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris pada Salah Satu Perguruan Tinggi Swasta di Yogyakarta Conditionally Accepted
35 Maruti Asmaul Husna Subagio Beyond Prosumption: Prosumption Practice of Content Writers in News Aggregator Platform UC News Unconditionally Accepted
36 Mashita Phitaloka Fandia P. My Personal Showroom: Redefining Privacy in Social Media through “Path” Unconditionally Accepted
37 Maulida, M.A. From “Japok” (Depok Widow) to “Pelakor” (Husband-Snatcher)
Term: Online Cybersexism in Democracy Era
Unconditionally Accepted
38 Megasari Noer Fatanti, Yuyun Agus Riani Defining Populist Online Communication in Governor Election in East Java 2018 Unconditionally Accepted
39 Mellysa Widyastuti Instagramable: The Shifting Of True Love Unconditionally Accepted
40 Mufdil Tuhri Challenging LGBT in Matrilineal Society of West Sumatra Conditionally Accepted
41 Muh Aris Marfai, Sudrajat, Eviana Rosida The Tidal Flood-Affected Community’s Perception of Environmental Quality in Pasir Kraton Kramat Sub-District Conditionally Accepted
42 Muhammad Ecotourism Destination of Leading Competitive Accepted but subject to revision
43 Muhammad Nikmal Anas Alhadi Ruqyah Jaranan: Reshaping Cultural Artefact based on Islamic Identity Accepted but subject to revision
44 Neng Indriwati Nurfurqonah, S.Si., Sri Hastjarjo, S.Sos.,Ph.D. Communication Patterns of Government Public Relation in the Digital Era: A Content Analysis of Twitter Account of Directorate General of Taxes Unconditionally Accepted
45 Ni Nyoman Dewi Pascarani Militia’S Strategy in Using Public Information Space
(Media Strategy of Militia to Reform The Organization Image in Bali)
Unconditionally Accepted
46 Nindi Aristi Learning Gender Awareness in the Digital Inequality Situation Unconditionally Accepted
47 Ninik Tri Ambarwati Identity Politic of Fat Woman in Instagram Unconditionally Accepted
48 Nurhairunnisa Kabbalah and The Popular Culture Industry: Exploring Identity and Spiritual Satisfaction Accepted but subject to revision
49 Nuril Endi Rahman The Influence of Media Social For Women In Growing Awarness of Subordinate Position Unconditionally Accepted
50 Paksi Mei Penggalih, Hermin Indah Wahyuni, F. Trisakti Haryadi Communication Strategy to Control Agriculture Land Convertion by Land and Spatial Department in Sleman Regency Accepted but subject to revision
51 Park, Bum Jin A Critical Study on Commodification and Industrialization of Online Education Accepted but subject to revision
52 Priambodo Twitter and public information transparency in a government organization
(Study on the communication strategy in using twitter by The Audit Board of the Republic Indonesia)
Accepted but subject to revision
53 Puti Parameswari Citizen Journalism in Digital Era:
Society’s Point of View and Its Impact on Democracy
Unconditionally Accepted
54 Rama Kertamukti Body On Spectacles of Middle Class in Instagram Unconditionally Accepted
55 Renta Vulkanita Hasan Reconceptualizing of Truth Claims: How Documentaries Should Always be Viewed Accepted but subject to revision
56 Reny Triwardani Development as power: How Jokowi’s Facebook account mediated power representation thru discourse on development Accepted but subject to revision
57 Ria Fatmawati Analysis of Student Satisfaction Degree on Academic Service
at Al-Quran Science University Wonosobo
Conditionally Accepted
58 Riezdqhy Amalina Farahiyah Al Husna, Andhika Dwi Nugroho, Fitrianis Novita, Rozila Rahmadhani, Fathul Wachid, Faizal Imam, Mindar Safiaji Civilized the culture of Wonosobo Accepted but subject to revision
59 Rina Tri Agustini, Aulia Zahro Novitasari, Dwi Rahmawaty, Nurhijrianti Akib Healthy Campus Media Campaign
as Health Promoting University Initiation
Unconditionally Accepted
60 Rini Kartini, Sulih Indra Dewi Maumere TV: An Opposition To Homogenization and National Media Hegemony Unconditionally Accepted
61 Risky Chairani Putri, Prima Ayu Rizqi Mahanani Salafi Congregation’s Practice of Negotiation in the Operation of Wedding Party Conditionally Accepted
62 Rony K. Pratama Digital Literacy and Literacy Education: Reshaping School’s Paradigm Unconditionally Accepted
63 Sahronie Laelafitriani Hanan Attaki: A Social Media Preacher behind The Mass Hijrah of Muslim Youth Unconditionally Accepted
64 Satria Indratmoko, Inayah Bastin Al Hakim, Wahyu Satrio Guntoro The Impact of Social Media Towards Tourist Perception on Tidal Wave Disaster in The Southern Coast of Yogyakarta Special Province (Case Studies: Parangkusumo and Parangtritis Beach, Bantul Regency) Unconditionally Accepted
65 Sekar Ayu Maharani Young Mom and Parenting in Consumer Culture
in The Neoliberalism Era
Unconditionally Accepted
66 Stephanus Yusuf Tri Effendi Multicultural Education for Senior High School to Enhance the Social Resilience Conditionally Accepted
67 Syifanie, Intania Poerwaningtias Life as SAHM: Discourse on Stay At Home Mom’s Expression in IG Post Unconditionally Accepted
68 Tan Paulina Candra Agista, Faruk, Suzie Handajani The Power Of Digital Media: Instagram and Distribution of Kebaya Designs Unconditionally Accepted
69 Tanya Eirena Yeru Celebrity Instagram As Cultural Intermediary In Endorsement Practice: Contemporary Celebrity In The Age Of Social Media Unconditionally Accepted
70 Tini Adiatma Campus Operational to Support Sustainable Development in Higher Education Conditionally Accepted
71 Trie Yunita Sari The Role of Millennial Social Media and Its Implication towards Religious and Gender Understanding Accepted but subject to revision
72 Triyono Lukmantoro, Heru Nugroho, and Budiawan Propaganda Model in Social Media Age Unconditionally Accepted
73 VANNY SUITELA Redefining Taste in the Digital Age:
Internet, Indonesian Youth and Hip Hop Music
Unconditionally Accepted
74 Wempi Gunarto On Line Mass Media as Arena of Sultanate Discourse Unconditionally Accepted
75 Witriani Personal Movies, the representation of identity dan od.ideology Accepted but subject to revision
76 Yani Osmawati Gender Contruction of Indonesian Police Officer in Instagram Account @divisihumaspolri Unconditionally Accepted
77 Yofita Noor Ardiani, Prahastiwi Utari The Use of Social Media at LKG TPQ Soloraya Organizer to Mobilize Mass in Various Da’wah Activities in Solo Unconditionally Accepted
78 Yuyun Sunesti, Noorhaidi Hasan, Muhammad Najib Azca Salafi Niqabi and the Internet: Becoming Real in Online Sphere Unconditionally Accepted
79 Zainal Fatah, Megasari Noer Fatanti Politicizing Digital Space: Netizen and Political Participation in the Future of Indonesia Democracy Unconditionally Accepted

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